The entity of the new UFC™ [Ultimate Fighting Championship®] is the world’s leading Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports association, formed in January, 2001 by Zuffa, LLC. The new UFC features a strong ownership and a depth of management experience across a spectrum of live event sports, television production and ancillary business development. The new UFC has completely restructured the formerly undisciplined spectacle of Mixed Martial Arts into a highly organized and controlled combat sport.
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Under the leadership of owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, the new UFC is now regulated and recognized by the world’s most prestigious sports regulatory bodies including the Nevada and New Jersey State Athletic Commissions. As an association, the new UFC strives for the highest levels of safety and quality in all aspects of the sport, setting the gold standard for the evolving and exciting sport of Mixed Martial Arts.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an intense and evolving combat sport in which competitors use interdisciplinary forms of fighting that include Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling and others to their strategic and tactical advantage in a supervised match. Scoring for MMA events in Nevada, New Jersey, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Florida is based on athletic-commission approved definitions and rules for striking (blows with the hands, feet, knees or elbows) and grappling (submission, choke holds, throws or takedowns). No single discipline reigns.


Ultimate Fighting™ is a proprietary term of the UFC. It is defined as a Mixed Martial Arts competition between highly skilled professional fighters who utilize the disciplines of Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and other forms in UFC live events. UFC competitors or “Ultimate Fighters™” are among the best-trained and conditioned athletes in the world. While this is a highly intense sport, fighter safety is of paramount concern to UFC ownership and management. It is noteworthy that no competitor has ever been seriously injured in a UFC event.


The new Ultimate Fighting Championship is an international series of premiere MMA championship events, produced live, primarily for pay-per-view. The new Ultimate Fighting Championship is committed to providing the highest quality live event and television production available to entertain and engage viewers in a fascinating sport. The new Ultimate Fighting Championship distinguishes itself from the controversial spectacle of the past by focusing on safety, sportsmanship and production quality. The new Ultimate Fighting Championship is produced exclusively by Zuffa, LLC. The first event produced under new ownership and management was February 23, 2001.


The elite level of the UFC competitor also known as an “Ultimate Fighter™.”

The UFC brings together the most talented martial arts experts in the world. UFC fighters come from the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Holland, England, etc. All UFC fighters have previous combat sports experience and many are World or Olympic champions. UFC athletes train up to six hours a day or more in preparation for an event. Almost all have studied martial arts as a lifelong vocation and many are college educated. In addition to their UFC careers, many of these men are business owners. They are also students, professionals or managers working for diverse types of companies. But it is the success, discipline and focus of the Ultimate Fighter that distinguishes him from any other competitor in or out of Mixed Martial Arts.

The new UFC took the leadership role in obtaining commission approval for a new sport.

Governed by the top regulatory bodies in the country, UFC strictly adheres to a stringent set of rules, even if they present an event in an unregulated venue outside the United States. These rules include:

• Commission approved gloves
• Weight classes
• Time limits and rounds
• Mandatory drug testing

State Athletic Commission approval in such major states as New Jersey, Nevada, Florida & Louisiana.
UFC self-imposes more rigorous safety and medical testing procedures than any other MMA organization in the world.
The new UFC strives for and maintains the highest quality production standards in all aspects of their business.

Mandatory Equipment:

Competitors may only use UFC and commission approved 4-6 oz gloves, designed to protect the hand but not large enough to improve the striking surface or weight of the punch. Hand wrapping is optional.

Commission approved MMA shorts and kickboxing trunks are the only uniforms allowed. Shirts, gis and shoes, and the problems they present for grabbing are not allowed.

The New UFC Octagon:

The new UFC Octagon is unique from any other fighting arena and from any other Octagon as well. Doctors, martial artists and a team of designers crafted it to create an enclosure that would act as a neutral arena to showcase the skills of martial arts disciplines while providing maximum safety to the fighters. Exclusive to Zuffa, LLC, the new UFC Octagon is constructed of aluminum (not steel or wood) with plastic coated fencing as well as padded posts and flooring that exceed commission requirements.
The Octagon ensures that all of the action stays safely contained in the fighting area whereas competitors can fall over or through the ropes of a boxing ring